Our Journey So Far.

From the cobblestone streets of DUMBO Brooklyn to the depths of the fashion district in NYC.

In February of 2010, our Partners were working together for a major software provider but had a desire to apply our experience designing & building financial applications to a wider audience. An office space in DUMBO was obtained, a trip to IKEA was made, and by March of 2010 – Alchemy50 was born.

Things have changed quite a bit in the 5+ years since we started A50 – a few of us have left Brooklyn for bigger yards in the ‘burbs, one of us brought another tiny human into the world, and others have come and gone – but our passion for creating awesome software has stayed absolutely constant.

We now call the lovely Fashion District in Manhattan home, we have an office turtle named Donny, and we finally broke down and got a kegerator (stop by and I’ll pour you a cold one). In that time we’ve also done a lot of great work for some amazing clients, and we’ve had a lot of fun along the way.

A Summary of Our Process.

It works because we listen, collaborate with you, are methodical; make sure we get it right.


Understanding Your Vision


We Devise a Path Forward


Craft a Beautiful Visual Language


Produce the Final Deliverables

Our Managing Partners

These guys are the driving force behind Alchemy50

Ryan Anderson
Creative Director

Ryan is a music junkie, likes gadgets with few buttons, and buys all the same socks to avoid matching.

Josh Klobe
Technical Director

Josh is a proud new father and spends his time thinking about what life was like when he slept.

Joel Barron
Accounts Director

Joel is a golfer and snowboarder, and always seems to have some sort of DIY project that he’s working on at home.

This is the office turtle Donny.

This is the office turtle Donny.

He’s been with us for a long time and he’s one of the team!